Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hey there fairy-dust..

What a coincidence to have found you.. I didn’t even know I was looking for you..
But there you were, mysterious, so precious and my curious nature didn’t allow me to ignore you..

At first touch I knew you were electrifying, I could feel your power rush through my body..
The connection, the unexplainable comfort in the unknown were not a part of my imagination..

Now I discover you, your magic is fascinating but yet so deep, it feels familiar and secure..
Your fine dust appears to be crystal clear, even breathtaking and represents the beauty within you..

Even though your stamina seems to have no limits, you could be blown away by a small breath of air..
I realise that you are not to be captured as your freedom is your heartbeat and your passion is your desire..

I hope by the time, my fairy-dust, when the wind will blow, I too will turn into fairy-dust…