Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bus 29

Remember the day when we were waiting for Bus 29; it was packed, people were pushing from all sides and it was such a rush to squeeze in before the doors closed..

I finally managed to get on and turned around to see where you were but I couldn't see you.. I panicked as I thought you didn't make it in.. But you were there, you did get on, you just used a different entrance and stood further down the bus aisle.. I wondered whether you chose not to stand next to me, look at me or talk to me since we only just met the day before and barely knew each other at all..

If we had only known then, that the same thought process went through our minds as you assumed of me what I assumed of you, we would have laughed at our silliness.....

Since then we have travelled many journeys and have entered many buses together but seemed to have used different entrances.. Many times silly misunderstandings? Or in fact just different ideas, different point of views, different decisions on which entrance to use? I guess we (individually) were positive that the entrance we chose was the most appropriate and just assumed that the other would follow.. I believe that it is obvious, we both assumed wrong..

But we could not have known better, we may still not understand how "it" works.. "It" being life, "it" being love, "it" being the mysterious something, the connection, between us that still remains..

Maybe it started with Bus 29 when we entered the same bus but used different doors.. And then we may have gone to the same destination but used different routes.. And later we shared the same dreams but our approach was a different one yet again.. We may or may not arrive at our destination at the same time....but it is for sure that we will both make it..

And maybe we are in different universes and may never collide again and all that will remain is the feeling of love and the memory of a time greater than words could describe..

Monday, 8 February 2010

My mojo isn't broken.. Its expectation is just much higher than what's available..

Thursday, 4 February 2010

You're like Cocaine

Once I tried you, I got hooked..
..I wanted you all the time..

You had your side effects
..good and bad..
you got me to act weird at times..

I lost you there for a while..
..while I lost myself..

Maybe I consumed too much of you..
..maybe you had nothing left to give..

But you came back into my life..
..gave me a whiff of what I've been missing..

Since...'ve been giving me a taste of you
..every now and again..

The high has always been such a pleasure..
..then it wears off and I'm merely a lost child..

..until I'm on the line you..

Is this healthy? I don't wanna
answer this question..

But since I'm of an addictive nature.. is either Cocaine or ........... you!