Monday, 19 September 2011

Farewell Temptation

It was never my intention to crush that beautiful heart of yours. It pains me to wish you farewell as I am one to sympathise, as I am one who knows this pain well. May you breathe freely, may your chest not experience that stinging ache. The more you suffer, the more I will despise myself for inflicting harm on you.

Harm that could have been avoided if only I wasn't so irrational, if only I wasn't curious to find you out. I am not pitting myself for I am aware that I deserve your dislike. Nevertheless, know that me liking you has come from deep within and the feelings have matched the words that I spoke.

The excitement and honeymoon period have worn off and my sight is clear now. So clear that I cannot avoid to see that what we have left is not a strong enough foundation built to last as much as I would like to cling on to what we had, what we were. It would be foolish to ignore the massive gap between you and I as the differences overrule our similarities.

We knew this from the very start but we chose to ignore this fact and give in to lust, to temptation. I enjoyed every minute of it and I will keep you in good memory for the good moments are the precious ones to remember and keep.

Now go out into the world and be you, explore it and yourself. May you concur the demons within, discover strength, learn to care only for your own perspective of yourself and find the lady who will fall in love with you every day anew.