Monday, 7 November 2011

Love can only be described with poetry.

Science explains the chemical reactions in your body which we then call love.

Religions / Societies have created templates to how relationships are supposed to evolve.

Heartbreak is when the above mentioned system clashes.

Friday, 14 October 2011

When You Know

'How have you been?' I asked, knowing that I have known you long before you or I have set foot on this planet with the bodies that we now call ours. It seems that our souls have been wandering this earth many times, sharing one mind. When the days spent seem simple, when thoughts match, when you meet the one that completes you. All you ought to find out is what they have experienced this time around and deep within you feel the distinctive connection. When the information you share does not surprise you but is rather interesting. When you stop being amazed for everything finally makes sense. When you no longer bother to question whether this is right as you know that you have found your missing piece of the puzzle. When your past does not matter any longer for you are walking together again. A bond that even death cannot break because of the certainty that you will meet again. When love stops being a conundrum and becomes the answer, unconditional, infinite, real. When heaven becomes a place on earth. When the mystery of a soulmate becomes clearer than water, stronger than a current and deeper than the blue sea.
This is when you know, you have found each other.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Farewell Temptation

It was never my intention to crush that beautiful heart of yours. It pains me to wish you farewell as I am one to sympathise, as I am one who knows this pain well. May you breathe freely, may your chest not experience that stinging ache. The more you suffer, the more I will despise myself for inflicting harm on you.

Harm that could have been avoided if only I wasn't so irrational, if only I wasn't curious to find you out. I am not pitting myself for I am aware that I deserve your dislike. Nevertheless, know that me liking you has come from deep within and the feelings have matched the words that I spoke.

The excitement and honeymoon period have worn off and my sight is clear now. So clear that I cannot avoid to see that what we have left is not a strong enough foundation built to last as much as I would like to cling on to what we had, what we were. It would be foolish to ignore the massive gap between you and I as the differences overrule our similarities.

We knew this from the very start but we chose to ignore this fact and give in to lust, to temptation. I enjoyed every minute of it and I will keep you in good memory for the good moments are the precious ones to remember and keep.

Now go out into the world and be you, explore it and yourself. May you concur the demons within, discover strength, learn to care only for your own perspective of yourself and find the lady who will fall in love with you every day anew.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chemical Reactions That Cause Illusions

Your charm has caught my attention.
Your flattering words have weakened my knees.
I got intrigued by you.
We played tag and you won.
I dare to say it was not just success that you were after,
it was the mere excitement of playing that kept you at it. 
Hormones released, chemical reactions caused, 
an inevitable reaction for freaks of nature. 
The result, you linger on my mind now. 
A simple equation. 
A feeling of want, that I despise, has taken over.
I despise for it changes everything.
Feelings change everything.
But nothing shall be changed as change means losing control, losing sanity.
You saw me standing firm on my feet 
and now you realise what power you have to push me closer to the edge. 
My clumsy nature may cause me to fall. 
So I reverse the game of playing tag and am merely standing still. 
Nothing to chase, nothing to catch.
I will miss playing tag and I will miss being your wanted target 
as I want to be your only target.
It might just be the dopamine talking.
Dopamine released in my brain due to your actions 
that now give me the illusion to want you. 
However, it is this illusion that people eventually call love.
But this was never the intention nor the point of playing tag in the first place. 
So I will stand still as the mere thought of the crash after the fall frightens me. 
I beg to question whether you will catch me and share my rush or whether 
you will turn a blind eye the millisecond before my body collides with the ground. 
We were just playing tag, a dangerous game at times.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When have you learned so much about love that you don't feel like you can love any more without being repulsed by the mere thought of it?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Fear Of Love

In the end, we are all just looking to be loved and to love unconditionally with our hearts wide open, bare and safe in someone else's possession. It is the mere fear that holds us back and has us build up a front for this precious treasure called heart not to be ruined by someone else who, like ourselves, is just as scared to break it or have it broken.

We are hardened by our reputation, like a war hero scaring the enemy, not to make her our enemy but to proof to her and ourselves that we may not be defeated. That we protect what breaks us most without admitting our weakness. Like a dog that barks but dares not to bite for it only is scared.

It is not only the fear that has us shield our own treasure but also the fear that we might not be suited guardians of someone else's heart. It is an enormous responsibility that we have not asked for or maybe we did ask for it by mistake. Misguided by curiosity and irrationality, tasting the forbidden fruit. But one will not dare to hold on to someone else's heart if one does not have the will and guts to take care of it. One has no choice but to break it, like ripping off a plaster fast, as neglecting it is only the cruel escape. Breaking someone's heart must be like cutting a baby's throat with a bread knife but the baby survives just like your last sweetheart did. The scar will be left on her heart and not on her throat, invisible, but still with the memory of the sharp knife-like pain.

The fear of love, the fear to break or to be broken, can leave us lonely and confused, maybe frustrated at times. It is education that makes us wise but who is going to teach us love but ourselves? So we are left with experience. We have to burn our fingers for us to know that fire will burn us. We therefore have no choice but to give our hearts away and we will have to take on the responsibility to look after someone else's heart. We will have to break and we will have to be broken, so that one day we will trust someone enough to take care of our heart and we will be ready to be the carer of theirs.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Intoxicated. My mind wanders from thought to thought. Intoxicated. I might think of you. Intoxicated. I might regret what I've done. Intoxicated. I might wish you'd look after me. Intoxicated. I am. Intoxicated. That's all it is. Intoxication. In the morning I'll be sober. In the morning I'll be sane. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

I tend to contradict myself when my emotions take over while my mind stands still.

Friday, 20 May 2011

If love makes me selfish, then I do not want to ever love again, for freedom is all I desire for my beloved one. But if the same knowledge is the prevention of selfishness and honesty enables mutual understanding but not the renunciation of freedom, then I shall love with all my heart.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

It has got to be someone's mind you fall in love with most because there is no peaceful future in constant disagreement..

Friday, 11 March 2011


In your hands my body belongs as if it was genetically crafted to fit your touch. You tease my senses each time that we connect and I feel an electric like sensation streaming throughout my entire body.

Your strength makes me weak and I obey your every move. I give in and am fully yours. I bend and stretch to your command as if you were a potter and I was your clay. Your grip is firm and powerful.

The contrast of black and white becomes a tangled sculpture, a piece of art in motion. The intensity of us bursts out into a blur of colour and lust. You could mould me into shape again and again.

You are an artisan, working to perfection.
And I, I am your raw material wanting for your creativity to take over.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Adjusting Pressure

As I am a woman who is led by my emotions,
I can only assume that you are one of the same kind.
But where I reveal my sorrow in words,
you keep yours close to your heart, close to yourself,
closed, locked, kept safe within you.

Little pieces of pain that are better freed,
merely to get rid of but you keep in
as if you took pleasure in the torture that they cause.
Maybe you have been mislead to believe
that you are meant to suffer in silence.

The closest that I can get to your misery
is by the touch of your tears
after they gather in the corner of your eyes
to then slowly roll down your cheeks for me to wipe off.

I know my tears taste salty and
I have the feeling that yours must be bitter.
Bitter drops of relieved agony,
better not caged within your body
for they would ignite your insides.

Therefore do not envy the ones who cannot cry
as they are burning quietly.
I would not care if your tears burned my fingers as I wipe them off,
for I rather have my fingers hurt than your face scarred by them.

I need you to know that time does not heal all wounds,
do not be fooled,
for I know that this is nothing but a myth,
a make-believe.
Do not waste your precious time waiting for salvation.

I wished I could teach you how to use your voice
to adjust the pressure within you,
so that you could take this massive load of your soul
and be free like you crave to.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

'The heart is never neutral' (from the film Shanghai)

This is so true.. No matter what we try for our mind to let us believe, the heart will always speak the truth.. But unfortunately it is the mind that deals with circumstances, it is the mind that keeps us sane.. The heart, no matter how true it is, cannot deal with life's issues like loss, freedom, passion, reality, dreams.. This alone is for the mind to deal with and the heart does not have any say in it.. And the sentence 'follow your heart' becomes an impossible task because if we did, we would cross the line to insanity..