Monday, 22 November 2010

Just Another One

You think you’ve scored, you pat yourself on your shoulders, you even get people's approving nod and wink.. Have you not realised that I’m no trophy and that you haven’t won a prize? It’s merely a short term allowance for you to see what I refuse for others to look at, to touch what others crave to feel.. I’m the one in charge, I’m the one who gives permission or who denies access..

And you, you’re just another one, nothing special, whether you’re gorgeous is none important nor is your job title, the money in your bank account or anything else that you may call an achievement.. You’ve been chosen by me like a toy off the shelf, you’ve been chosen to please me, entertain me, excite me and satisfy me.. There’s something about you that must have woken my curiosity, something that made me want to feel your touch, your strength, your aggression or maybe you’re just here to boost my ego..

And if you perform exactly as how I imagined you would, I will want more, I will exhaust you, there won’t be any limits until you bore me.. But as much pleasure as you may gain from this experience, you’re still just another one as the pleasure I get from it, is way more important than you’ll ever be..

(If I'm just a challenge, then you're 'Just Another One')

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A kiss needs to go through my entire body, it has to electrify me, it has to get me to crave for more, it has to be spontaneous and whether it is gentle or filled with lust, it most importantly has to be passionate.. It's all about passion, everything is..