Saturday, 25 December 2010

Irrationality's merely the cause of feelings being unleashed..
I can only be passionate when faced with passion..

Naked Cravings

You stood me up while I was naked. Left me with your fingerprints all over my body, the memory of your kiss on my lips, the sweet juice of excitement between my legs, craving for more. Craving you.
I'm still naked although dressed. I'm still exposed although covered with my duvet. I'm still wet although alone. I'm still craving for more. Craving you.

You stood me up while I was naked. Said you had to run. Stole my last kisses in a haste. Left me with more fingerprints that now burn my skin. I love this burning sensation. I want more. I want you.
Play Connect the Dots on my body to burn me some more. Burn my breasts, my back, my hips, my thighs, my clit, my lips. Burn me inside out.

You stood me up while I was naked. You left me with an experience that now seems impossible to cover up with clothes, wash off with a shower, wipe out with a night's sleep. When you left, you left me naked.
You took the clothes that could cover me, the water that could shower me, the dreams that could have wiped out this memory that begs and craves for more. Craves for you.

'I miss you so bad' you said. I shall peel my skin off slowly, carefully, for you to keep. Take the fingerprints, take the burns, take the craving. Feel my nakedness on your fingertips and burn yourself.
My skin will grow back, fresh, young and smooth. Without marks. Without burns. Without prints. Without memory. Without the feeling of nakedness and exposure. But until then I'll still be craving for more. Craving you.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

In Solitude

In solitude is where I find myself every day anew.. I wake up to myself, in my universe of thoughts.. My eyes capture pictures, images of places, streets, buildings, the endless sky and nature.. I’m a voyeur to my surroundings.. In my mind everything and everyone I see has a story to tell, although unknown to me but somehow written all over them..

In solitude my ears are pleasured by the sounds of life.. Colourful noises remind me that I am alive.. I have the freedom to choose whether I want the sweet sound of music to lift me up, sweep me off my feet and carry me wherever it will or whether I want to tune in to life itself and be met by random beats that this city has to offer..

In solitude I am free.. Free to feel, read my own emotions, interpret my mood, my actions and my reactions with explanations a spoken word could not describe.. In solitude I have met myself many times all over again for the first time and for this reason know myself better now than I claim to know anything at all.. In solitude I am aware of who I am..

In solitude I experience more than I could ever share with anyone and the excitement I feel inside belongs to me and no one else.. I would not dare to explain my discoveries to someone who does not own my eyes, my ears or my heart as only they have seen, heard and felt the truth at first hand.. For no one else shall have the power for my findings to be altered into a translation that suits their own persona..

In solitude I am as content as I am when I share precious moments with people who are dear to me.. Laughter, happiness and even pain are best shared, shared with the ones you love and trust as togetherness is the sweetener of life..

While I walk in solitude, at times accompanied by my dearest ones, strangers and random followers, I shall never forget love as in solitude I will remain until it will find its way back to me..