Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Journey

We walk streets I've never walked before but I know somehow that they belong to us..

We've made them ours, we've claimed them.. Everything stops when we decide to stop, no-one would dare to cross our path..

Connected by our hands, by our minds.. You and I..

It doesn't matter where we've started and our destination holds no importance..It's the journey itself that matters, in which we indulge in, in which we lose ourselves to find ourselves again..

Freedom is ours..

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Animal Within

I'm a cat and I like to stray, I like to be adored, I'll let you pet me if I feel like it but I might scratch your face if you make a wrong move.. It's just for protection you see, I don't mean any harm by it..

I catch mice because they're cute but tend to be naïve enough not to realise that I'll eat them alive.. I never mean to though but I'm a cat you see, it's what we do..

I'm a cat but I fall for dogs, they excite me.. Their never ending enthusiasm attracts me.. Dogs though, not very classy creatures, bark too much, chase their own tail but gosh they take my fancy.. But you know what they say about cats and dogs don't you?! I know too well as I got bitten too many times..

What can I tell you? I'm a cat and I like to stray... I've come across mice, I've come across dogs.. I've consumed and I've been consumed.. For all I know, I ought to stay away from both..

If I'm lucky I might meet another cat but cats you see are rare to find.. Elegant creatures, witty but so quite and gentle on their paws that you may not even realise that you are in their presence.. Even if you catch a glance in the corner of your eyes you may only catch their shadow..

Cats are clever, so don't try to lure us, we don't fall for whatever you have to offer as we take pride in our independency..
It's trust we seek, truth we want, kindness we desire and if you gain our heart we may stay for good..

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I would have..

If I hadn’t locked my heart away into a cage,
I could have fallen for you.
I would have fallen as if there was no ground beneath my feet,
I would have fallen as if I was sky diving,
I would have fallen as if the fresh wind was softly caressing my cheeks
and I would have loved the feeling.

But soon I would have lost a piece of my heart to you,
I would have had tears in my eyes due the sudden icy wind,
I would have hit the ground hard,
I would have craved the feeling of falling
and I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the abrupt standstill down there on the ground.

As much as I’m curious to know as how it would have felt to fall for you,
I’m grateful that your cautiousness provided me with the keys that locked my heart cage.