Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Don't be in love with the sweet imagination of what could be.. Instead, be in love with reality, with the here and now, with what is and what in fact isn't..

Friday, 8 January 2010

My Prison Has Your Name On It

Your name's so bitter sweet imprinted on my mind, not to be deleted or whipped out.
Against my will it keeps repeating itself as if my thoughts were controlled by it.
It makes me uneasy and nervous.
I'm hoping, desperately wishing for time to clean up the mess.
But time has passed and still, I hear your name over and over again.
It's driving me insane.

Imprisoned by your name in my own mind.
I want to break out but I don't have the right tools or in fact any at all.
The thick concrete walls are memories, the metal beams are things that keep reminding me of you and there's only one tiny window which supposedly should stand for hope, hope to be free one day.

I don't quite know who holds the keys to free me but I'm fearing that you're the only one who could unlock the doors by providing me with those answers you never dared to give me.

But long ago you've decided to abandon the prison you created to let me rot while your name in my head's getting louder and louder.