Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dead - Alive

You haven't made me immortal but you have surely killed me and I'm dead - alive...

Knowing that my heart will never work again,
knowing that no one will ever be able to be close to me..

So what's left is some silly game that I play each afternoon I wake,
each night I live, until my body is so exhausted
that I will go to rest again early in the morning..

The pursuit of happiness I once craved is nothing but a joke..

Expecting to receive a message of someone, informing me that you no longer exist,
each day when I eventually wake, just so that I can die a little bit more
as only in you I'm still alive and your last breath will be mine..

Rejection truly does cause pain, therefore anger and maybe even insanity..

What destroys me the most is that this does not bother you because if it would,
you wouldn't have killed me in the first place..

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