Thursday, 4 February 2010

You're like Cocaine

Once I tried you, I got hooked..
..I wanted you all the time..

You had your side effects
..good and bad..
you got me to act weird at times..

I lost you there for a while..
..while I lost myself..

Maybe I consumed too much of you..
..maybe you had nothing left to give..

But you came back into my life..
..gave me a whiff of what I've been missing..

Since...'ve been giving me a taste of you
..every now and again..

The high has always been such a pleasure..
..then it wears off and I'm merely a lost child..

..until I'm on the line you..

Is this healthy? I don't wanna
answer this question..

But since I'm of an addictive nature.. is either Cocaine or ........... you!

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