Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Contentment in Togetherness

I came to realise that love and togetherness sometimes do not go hand in hand..
One may be single but loved and another may be in a relationship but unfulfilled..

Love and togetherness, it seems, is only possible for the one who is willing to compromise to live life differently than one has intended..

But true love in fact realises the importance of living one's life and that compromises would contradict this very understanding..

We all desire freedom, desire life and as individuals we all have individual perceptions of what life is meant to be like..

Our passion, our desire, ways we choose for ourselves to grow, are rarely fully compatible with one-another..

And just to state this clearly, I'm not talking about the simplicity of existence, as this is something we all do.. I'm talking about living life, feeling alive, the ultimate form a human being can achieve..

It may be bitter that I can't fall in love with the naive, the attached, the "blind" as this one, I'm sure, would stay forever.. But this one, I know, I would never truly love and I would never be fulfilled with..

So I guess once we have grown and lived as we've desired to grow and live, we may find contentment in togetherness after all..

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