Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chemical Reactions That Cause Illusions

Your charm has caught my attention.
Your flattering words have weakened my knees.
I got intrigued by you.
We played tag and you won.
I dare to say it was not just success that you were after,
it was the mere excitement of playing that kept you at it. 
Hormones released, chemical reactions caused, 
an inevitable reaction for freaks of nature. 
The result, you linger on my mind now. 
A simple equation. 
A feeling of want, that I despise, has taken over.
I despise for it changes everything.
Feelings change everything.
But nothing shall be changed as change means losing control, losing sanity.
You saw me standing firm on my feet 
and now you realise what power you have to push me closer to the edge. 
My clumsy nature may cause me to fall. 
So I reverse the game of playing tag and am merely standing still. 
Nothing to chase, nothing to catch.
I will miss playing tag and I will miss being your wanted target 
as I want to be your only target.
It might just be the dopamine talking.
Dopamine released in my brain due to your actions 
that now give me the illusion to want you. 
However, it is this illusion that people eventually call love.
But this was never the intention nor the point of playing tag in the first place. 
So I will stand still as the mere thought of the crash after the fall frightens me. 
I beg to question whether you will catch me and share my rush or whether 
you will turn a blind eye the millisecond before my body collides with the ground. 
We were just playing tag, a dangerous game at times.

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