Friday, 14 October 2011

When You Know

'How have you been?' I asked, knowing that I have known you long before you or I have set foot on this planet with the bodies that we now call ours. It seems that our souls have been wandering this earth many times, sharing one mind. When the days spent seem simple, when thoughts match, when you meet the one that completes you. All you ought to find out is what they have experienced this time around and deep within you feel the distinctive connection. When the information you share does not surprise you but is rather interesting. When you stop being amazed for everything finally makes sense. When you no longer bother to question whether this is right as you know that you have found your missing piece of the puzzle. When your past does not matter any longer for you are walking together again. A bond that even death cannot break because of the certainty that you will meet again. When love stops being a conundrum and becomes the answer, unconditional, infinite, real. When heaven becomes a place on earth. When the mystery of a soulmate becomes clearer than water, stronger than a current and deeper than the blue sea.
This is when you know, you have found each other.


  1. Somehow I can relate to this. Beautiful piece :) I feel like I want to write again. Been a long time.